ermazing (now renamed to "nubs")
Always awkward. Always.






Somehow became lynched's father mother otousan SOMETHING.

Alias; Polly. Known to be hazardous to people hoping to detox from dorkiness. Frequents places with high lameness levels, she is relatively easy to identify due to her uselessly lazy attitude and inability to log off of AIM before 3AM. People who see her are advised to keep their distance, lest she infect you with her dorkiness and lame-itude.

A tell-tale way to identify her is by her excessive abuse of tildes (~) and parentheses.

  • Not that you care, but right now her favorite manga is Nabari no Ou and she's has an insatiable love of the show Supernatural, with a specifically scary obsession toward some sap named Jimmy Novak.


Thobari Durandal Kumohira | onlyapparate

Takashi "Mori" Morinozuka | mori_nozuka

Ookami Amaterasu | wolfenceleste


Stealing template styles from lynched, obviously.


  • Can be found on AIM till ridiculous hours of the night. (Or morning, really.)
  • Sometimes tags days later /fail, but at at least she tags eventually --give her a bump, if need be. or a flying kick.
  • Loves to plot terrors for Thobari (always open to suggestions!)
  • Is having a sordid affair with parentheses and semicolons; can you tell? (Haha.)
  • Languages:
    • Speaks fluent Spanish.
    • Is learning Japanese, and can read it for the most part.
    • Does not know enough French (but will try and fail anyway).


  • Puerto Rican. Need I say more? (Look up this not-country's history/status and then ask yourself, aren't you glad to live in a place with an actual legal status?)

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