The King of All Cosmos
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Astronomy Professor




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Father (deceased), Wife (The Queen), Son (The Prince), countless nieces and nephews

Personality Edit

Though he can be extremely egocentric, The King of All Cosmos is normally joyful and free-spirited. However, he can be rather intimidating if you manage to set off his temper. Apart from his love of the galaxy,the enjoys tennis and playing the guitar. He's quite a colorful individual and has a bad habit of making other people clean up after his mistakes.

Background Edit

The King of All Cosmos--or so he's been dubbed by his fellow peers--wasn't always known as such. He was born into a royal, pureblood family in the kingdom known as Katamarius. When he was but a small prince, his father, the King, was dead-set on him becoming the kingdom's greatest Duelist. But dueling did not come naturally to the young wizard and he failed to win the championships, earning only a second place title.

Tired of his father's controlling nature, the prince left home to pursue his own passion: astronomy. He enrolled in one of the most prestigious schools in the country and before long was at the top of his class. His devotion to the subject, along with his royal background earned him the campus nickname of "The King of All Cosmos." It's a name he still goes by to this day.

The King of All Cosmos inherited the throne to his kingdom after his father's passing. It was, sadly, after the two had just began speaking again. He is currently married to his college sweetheart and the two have a son together, who the King likes to mock quite often.

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Did you know...

  • King's real age is 78. He will never admit to this, though.

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