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eljay user lynched, otherwise known as roxie, roxzen, or une, is basically a huge tsuntsun. Une would rather punch someone in the nose than verbally confirm her love-- hey, it takes all kinds. Pastimes include lurking the bastard child of facebook and twitter: plurk, and becoming highly obsessed with easy facebook games. Une has an extremely addictive personality and is easily persuaded into things. This combination usually spells disaster to all livelihood she may or may not have possessed prior.

Having spent a great deal of time outside of eljay rping due to bad experiences with past ones, Une was easily coerced into joining Sorting Hat by user ermazing, who is her stand-in Freudian otousan. Une now plays Castiel from the TV series Supernatural.


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Une holds nothing but malicious intent for ermazing. This does a number on Une and she regularly assaults/blames all world problems on the poor, unsuspecting otousan. Though through all her battering and abuse, Une trusts ermazing enough to let the dorkface into personal comms and lame stuff like that. The whole relationship is lame in the first place anyways. Une accidentally introduced ermazing to Supernatural and is forever sorry for that.

In reality, it was Une's mother who originally got her into Supernatural through a guilt-trip over sushi. Une has a very close bond with her mother and they share nearly everything. Sometimes her mother more than her. Just ask Une about that one time where her mom gaver her a graphic yaoi on a flashdrive, that is sure to bring up a fairly interesting conversation.


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aim: kermises


gtalk: mitosome